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SOE screws it's old subscribers (as usual...)
26 February 2012
Posted in EverQuest II
I'm not sure if I should be surprised or not. But from my previous experiences with SOE it was expected to happen when they made EverQuest II Free2Play...

I've ranted in the past more than once about the (then new) Free2Play system they introduced, and stated that having a subscription was cheaper. Early December last year, all of the old subscription based servers went Free2Play as well, and I even made a comparisation with the Lord of the Rings online model there.

Today I thought to take a peek on my EverQuest II account and hope that SOE did a good job with the transition to Free2Play. Well, as expected, they've failed on that BIG TIME!

 photo EverQuest22012022618472382_zps1bb162c1.jpeg

As you can see on the picture above, I've been a 'subscribing player' for over 2 1/2 years, bought the game and a couple of expansions, and my account has been set to 'silver' for not being a subscriber at the moment. I'm okay with that. But what really pisses me off is that all my old characters are setback to the 'silver' status immediately as well.
Just look above and see all the 'redded' bags on my character and bank. WTF? I've paid dearly to get those (there are real BIG bags there) during the time I was subscribed and now I can't use them?

I've also tried to create a new character, and I'm stuck on the same 'silver' limitations again. I am limited to a small selection of classes and races and have to BUY all the rest. Once again - WTF? I bought the game in the past as well as some expansions!

Really SOE, your greed is showing in every possible way. Screwing over your old subscribers who have bought the game (40), expansions (an other 40 each) and now when we want to return we have to BUY part of the game we've bought initially? You already were in my 'non-popular' book, but now you're moved to me 'mortal enemy' book. NO WAY IN HELL I'll ever gonna play any of your games anymore, or pay you an other dime (LOL, I've played for free for a year or so and did get a free authenticator).

And then there is that ovelry annoying pop-up I get every once in a while to urge me to go 'gold' and pay a monthly subscription for the game. Guys, please! You wanted to go 'Free'2Play with EverQuest II, and should not be begging for your free players to 'plix plox' subscribe to their game. If those free players really think EverQuest II is worth to play for a long time and have the whole game at their disposal, they'll also subscribe without that annoying pop-up.

It's time that all SOE customers would learn about how SOE is squeezing them for every penny if they want to play their games. SOE should take an example to Lineage II where you do get the whole game for free, or Lord of the Rings online where you do keep your bags and removed gold-limit after a month of subscription.

For me it's clear: no more SOE games ever! I'm not gonna support a greedy, player-squeezing publisher like SOE is.

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