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PlayStation 3
24 January 2015
Posted in PlayStation
I finally have a PlayStation 3. Though the PS3 console is already pretty old, this one is brand new (sort of). The PlayStation 3 I bought is the super slim model with the 12Gb SSD drive, which I bought at the local pawnshop for only 110.

I know, paying 110 is still a lot for a console type that's almost 10 years old now, but it'll pay itself back over time. Reason for this is that I can buy used games for about half the new-price. And me wanting to play jRPGs from now on, that means it's a win-win. Not to mention, this PS3 is the latest released mode (june 2014).

Sadly though, that 12Gb is already too little storage. I downloaded Dust 514 (the EVE online shooter), and with that one installed, I wasn't able to install Ni no Kuni anymore. This means that I'm already in need of an HDD upgrade and it's a good thing that 500Gb including the bracket I need comes down to around 45.

With a total of 155 I basically have a 'new' PS3 (still have around 18 months of warranty on it) while the 500Gb model costs 100 more.

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