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Switched to OBS - streaming 720p now
04 April 2015
Posted in General

It looks like I'll be streaming a lot of games from now on. On my son's PC I saw he was having an Open Broadcasting Software (OBS) icon on his desktop and I figured to give it a try. Looking at it I saw the same setup as XSplit's Broadcaster - an empty screen where you have to drop your stuff you want to stream. This means that each and every game I want to stream I have to put in manually there But I guess that's something I can get used to over time...

I immediately went to the options of the software and started to configure it and that was a lot easier than I initially thought. Within 5 minutes I was ready to stream. Having not played Heroes of the Storm yesterday (only started it to get my daily quest), I had at least 4 games to play, which was a good time to test the OBS software...

The only problem I was having with the first OBS streaming test was that there was no twitch chat included. I realy missed this and googled for it and ended up with a YouTube movie explaining how to get twitch chat in your OBS stream (though I think this also would work with XSplit Broadcaster). This movie was a very good explanation and I immediately downloaded the betterTTV plugin for FireFox (almost every browser out there is supported only IE not, but us gamers are not using IE to start with ) and got it running in no time.

The good thing of OBS is that I can stream on 720p without a problem. OBS shows the bandwidth it's using and 720p streaming to twitch only takes around 1Mpbs (of 3Mpbs I have available here). That means that I can stream on HD quality and play online games at the same time, without pushing my wife and son of the internet and having no stuttering on twitch either.

With OBS now fully configured I guess I'll be streaming a lot of games I play on the PC from now on. I am wondering though if PlayStation 3 streaming devices (like the Roxio one I used to have) are supported as well. I can imagine that these devices are seen as some sort of webcam and that I have to drop their feed just fullscreen on the OSB interface. Guess I won't know for now because at this moment our finances are way too uncertain for the coming months. When there's stability on that front again I might get one of those devices (not Roxio for sure!) and give it a go...

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