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Mounted (PvP) combat
24 November 2015
Posted in Black Desert

I've promised some information about Black Desert earlier this month. And while most information is already widely known, I think this one feature is close ot unique to the game: Mounted combat. I know that some MMORPGs out there do offer limited mounted combat (Lineage II, Age of Conan to name 2 that I know), but mostly it's only centered on the mount you're riding at the moment and not the player riding that mount.

Black Desert offers you full mounted combat where the player riding the mount has been taken into account, instead of the mount itself. And with Black Desert being more a medieval MMORPG than a fantasy MMORPG, you'll mainly see humans on horse than on any other creature (I think). I am wondering though how the giant class/race will ride a horse

The video above doesn't need a lot of explanation I think. It's a witch on horseback doing a lot of awesome skills to PvP and I think it's done pretty well (like most of the game). The only thing bothering me here and there is that the side-ways movement of the horse is not as perfect as regular horsebackriding is in the game.

After having watched this video I'm wondering how archers will perform with mounted combat and (more importantly) melee fighters...

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+2 levels yesterday
21 November 2015
Posted in Lineage II

I've been grinding my cute little ass of yesterday and it paid off in 2 levels for my main and dual class.

I started with my main class and found a good party in S3 early on the day and that was a good thing. Normally there are always asslike kids running around there to flag and hope to be flagged back by the AoE effects, but because it was early they were all at school And even while there was a dragon buff available, I totally forgot to pick it up and I only used a 1-hour vitality rejuvination potion. This potion paid off very well, because after an hour I was a bit over 50% vitality, so enough time to get to around 95% before it depleted again.
Sadly though, earlier this week I blew up my +5 (lower-R) pole when trying to make it +6 and instead I had to take a PA pole with 150 holy attributes which I made +3. This pole being better than the one I blew did a very good job there with me as main DPS/tank to keep the monster with us.

 photo l2 2015-11-20 12-02-35-50_zpsazr9cszl.jpg

Something I forgot to mention last weekend is that I changed my dual class from spoiler to ISS for reasons I've mentioned before that crafting is very broken now. But I could not start leveling the dual class over 87 until last Wednesday, because I was still missing 1 token for the quest Freya cloak (I already had the 'real one' dropped, and have sold it by now).
Anyhow, having had the Freya quest cloak on Wednesday I started to level the ISS dual class and that went pretty well. I've done a couple of Kartia instances (I still had the quest reward passes for group and solo) and picked up a lot of quests on the main class that I completed on the ISS dual class.

 photo l2 2015-11-20 19-42-57-30_zpsulg3wrs4.jpg

By now I've set myself the goal to hit level 95 on both classes by the end of the month. With the main class on 94, it's pretty easy to get that done (Kartia, S3 parties and a lot of instanced bosses). For the ISS dual it might be a problem though, becuase it's still 6 levels I have to get in the coming 10 days. But being ISS I think it's very well possible, because EVERYONE NEEDS AN ISS

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Weird UI
19 November 2015
Posted in Lineage II

Nothing special, only a weird UI I had when playing Lineage II and during a PR the loading of Kamael Village too a bit longer than normal... I could not logout normally, so I had to login again to get this one kicked...

 photo l2 2015-11-19 19-10-09-91_zpszhdqx88u.jpg

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Black Desert pre-orders
18 November 2015
Posted in Black Desert

The pre-order packs for Black Desert have arrived, and I gotta say that I think the prices are normal, certainly when you think that the game is Buy2Play..

 photo BDO preorder_zpswxp8wdsc.png

Basically, the game will cost only 30 and includes only a few goodies, while for 50 and 100 you'll get a lot of extras. Also worth to note on the screenshot above is that the standard and extra content is the regular 'boxed' price, while the limited content will only be available for the pre-orders...

Whenc omparing the 3 packages, I think that the 50 package is the best one to grab. It'll get you a horse, and a whistle that will call it everywhere (you have to stable it normally and go to that stable to take it out again), the pet of your choice and a weapon skin. The 100 package is bigger, but I think the extra stuff is not really worth the 50 you pay more (25 cash shop currency, one exclusive -pre-order only- armor appearance, extra character slot and a few 'regular' goodies - IMO a close call to 25 cash shop value).

I have taken the 50 package because I think it's the best value compared to the other 2. There are already circulating pictures of the exclusive armor appearance, and honestly, I gotta say that I don't like how it looks.

...and now I have to wait for the CBT2 invite...

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Canceled L2Classic pre-order
17 November 2015
Posted in Lineage II

I've had a good thought about L2Classic and I decided NOT to play it. And now I think I've surprised you a lot, but let me try to explain...

First off finances... The game is 12 years old already and has proven it's failed as subscription based game in the past and went Free2Play in December 2011 with the release of Goddess of Destruction. And while a classic server might be a good thing, I'm pretty sure it won't give the same experience as when I started playing back in 2005. Add to that that Innova has already proven that they can't maintain full servers - they had 2 or 3 servers when I started in 2013, and now only 1 remains, makes me wonder how long a subscription server of a 12-year old game will stay alive (or at least be populated enough to enjoy - I don't want a new Devinanne ghosttown experience).

Then playerbase... Okay, the playerbase on the classic server will be new and politics will have to balance out. But when I look at my current clan I'm kinda afraid to give it up in favor of some thing new that might not be as fun and active as I'm currently in. Though I know that changes will come with new experiences, but I think I'm in one of the best clans ever when playing Lineage II...

Lastly Black Desert... Yes, I'll have to mention it... I'm way too hyped to start anew on a classic server, play for 3 months and hit around level 40-50 and then abandone it for Black Desert. Though I know very little of the game, the features and mechanics shown (this reminds me to write a couple of things about it what I know already) in several videos and review are so promising. And yes, I know I'll end up with the above problem, but Black Desert is a whole new game we all have to learn to play.

I have already sent a ticket to Innova that I'm canceling the pre-order and that they can refund the 2 purchaes to my PayPal account. I hope they will, and if not I'll just make it a complaint at PayPal, because as EU resident they have to reinburse me for every internet purchase within 14 days after it's made, or in case of a pre-order until the service has been delivered...

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L2Classic (EU) pre-orders
14 November 2015
Posted in Lineage II

Innova has finally made announcements about the European Lineage II Classic server and has revealed it's pre-order packs. At this moment the server is set to start on December 15th, with a 7-day early access for those buying the pre-order. With that, the hat and agatheon shown below are plain cosmetic items, while the ring raises the weightlimit a bit and gives +1 P/M accuracy and +5 HP recovery (according to the Russian ring's translation)

 photo Screenshot 2015-11-14 08.42.18_zpsmwecovjk.png

I know I've said in a comment to Zylo that I probably wouldn't play L2Classic because I'm now in a very good clan, but having thought about it a night, I've decided to actually play L2C and take pre-orders for 2 accounts (main and boxed buffer/healer). Reason for this change is pretty easy actually.... Most important is the crafting system of the old Lineage II that I enjoyed a lot, and which will be used on the L2C server. On top of that, it's always a lot of fun to do those low-level raidbosses for drops and level up. because they're still available on the normal server (yes, there are level 20 raidbosses there ), but no one does them. At least, people start on the raidbosses from level 75 and up only to level fast till awakening...

While playing L2C I'm not sure if I'll stay active on the normal server. Though (as said), I do love the clan I'm in and am doing pretty well with iCantC, I think I should focus on L2C mostly. On the other hand, from past (Devianne) experiences, I know how boring it can be to just grind my ass off on one location just for mats/recipes or XP, and when I get bored I might as well go AFK with craftshop (and make money on SSD/SSC for a change ) and play on the regular servers...

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Leaked founder packs
09 November 2015
Posted in Black Desert

Like ArcheAge was, Black Desert has been on my radar for quite some time. But because of the lack of information and not wanting to put up with a fake SSN and use a VPN to play a Russian/Korean version of the game, I decided not to post about it at all, until the release would come close and I gathered information about the game and if it's worth to actually play it (and from what I've seen, IT IS - will post that later this week).

But first things first... Release date for Black Desert will bea early 2016, so my guess will be April 2016, because of the Korean fiscal end-of-year. With that, the game will become Buy2Play in the West (US and EU) with a cash shop (hope it's mainly cosmetics, mounts and leveling help - no OP gear and such) and there will be an IP block in place so that only US and EU (excluding Turkey & parts of Russia) will play here.

 photo BDO founderpack_zpss90m2rrg.jpg

Then the leaked foudner packs (see screenshot above, pulled by Daium very quickly though)... They're priced 49 and 99 and I gotta say that if these prices will stay, they're not to bad. Most Buy2Play MMOs cost between 45 (GW2) and 60 (ESO) and have a cash shop as well in them. The rewards listed seem pretty good as well, and might also be an indication for the contents of the cash shop.

When looking at the packs as they are listed (and pulled ), I guess the 49 is the better one. I mean, a 30-day horse (Lv 3) vs a permanent horse (Lv 5), an extra character slot and alpha access for 99 might be appealing, but I bet all those things listed can be obtained in the game itself (aside from alpha access). And having learned from ArcheAge and overplayed the alpha and beta, I think I'll just have to pass on Alpha (certainly if it's only a couple of weekends like the one before). On the other hand, the game tickets (Blade and Soul points..? ) might perhaps win me over to buy the 99 package, IF it's indeed worth it and to be used for the cash shop...

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DING 93!
09 November 2015
Posted in Lineage II

I was determined to hit level 93 last weekend,  but sadly I didn't fele up to it (didn't have a good weekend mentally if you didn't already guess from my earlier posts ). But today I managede to get form around 80% to 98.24% in level 92 doing Kartia 90 and a few other daily quests and instances. But still 1.76% short... How to do that with no parties around..?

 photo l2 2015-11-09 15-35-54-56_zpspyfbbc3c.jpg

Well, lets grab KittyGoesMew and let her do the Fairies daily quest (grinding that one for the few missing Twilight armor recipies). Sadly though, when she completed her quest, iCantC wasn't 93 yet, so I had to 'grind' a bit more there (kitties on auto fire and from time to time whack a cocoon ) and that did the trick!

Now a new goal and that's to hit level 95 to be able to craft R95. But I fear that that'll take me quite some time...

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It's a real abomination...
07 November 2015
Posted in Lineage II

I don't mind the grind for XP. I've played Lineage II for 6 years on the old (pre GoD that is) servers and loved it. And yeah, it was a real grind back then.

Now things have changed a lot. As I posted earlier, Antharas is an instance and he's not the only one. The old bosses Freya, Zaken, Frintezza just to name a few are all instanced now. I even hear that baium is an instance too (not sure though), and that's one of the things I don't like about Lineage II.

The game has become too casual in general. 1-85 can be done in 6 days (did a subclass 40-61 in 45 minutes yesterday ), you grind tokens for rewards (mainly from instanced dungeons I must add). Yeah that all sounds very much generic and WOWified

Then the crafting (one of the reasons I fell in love with Lineage II), that's pretty much dead now. Okay, I can make 2-5M adena a day from crafting, but that's not really covering any fees for purchasing recepies and keep my character 'alive' on the server.

THugh the community is nice, I just can't be arsed to level at the moment. It's the constant same instance grind (when the /instancezone tells me it's over) or the same daily quests. Also, I have made about every possible class (either as main or subclass) that I like and there's no real need to make yet an other character, because there's no diversity in content.

Okay, there's one small 'fun thing' I'm doing right now and that's a hunt for material recipes, but with a drop or spoil change of 0.1% maximum I wonder if that'll be rewarding enough for me to keep going.

Right now I think I'm waiting for the L2 Classic server to start. They'll start in Chronicle 2, Chapter 3 and there's no subclass, no instances and it'll be very hard to level. I hope that'll fix my feeling of what I've described above, if not, then I think my Lineage II times might as well be completely over

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Antharas for the 1st time
03 November 2015
Posted in Lineage II

It's been really along time since I've last played Lineage II and the changes are massive. Ons of them is that Antharas now also has it's on instance. Though I'm not sure the last time I logged on to Lineage II (either at Innova or NCWest) this already was the fact, I never have done it before. Not to mention, the instance is only open on the 1st and 15th of each month.

Though this instance was pretty easy (3 parties in CC only), I think it was quite a lot of fun to do. And best of all, unlike a lot of other instances, there's no drop from the dragon itself that can be scammed by anyone, but instead you get your rewards from one of the NPCs in the instance after the dragon has been killed (should be done with more instances IMO).

Now that I've played this instance, it makes me want to slay the 'real thing'. But that'd be a problem though, because Antharas is pretty hgh level and you need a lot bigger CC to defeat it. Not to mention, the 'real thing' is camped by all PvP clans on the server (much like all other big world bosses out there) and I fear that being in a PvE clan I would never be able to do the 'real thing'. This implies that I most likely should move on to a PvP clan when I'm higher in level..?

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