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Letting the accounts expire
27 November 2014
Posted in EVE online
Okay, I've made my decision to let the 6 accounts I have, along with the account of my brother (he can't play at the moment because he's about to move into a new house) expire. Reason is two-fold though...

First of all, as said earlier, EVE online takes a lot of time to play and maintain if I want to keep playing for free. Though I now have 7 PLEX on stock, around 2.5B ISK and over 3.5B ISK in market sales waiting, I do need to keep mining ice to keep the money flow going. And with me returning into the Skiffs, I can't say I have enough time to work on my upcoming game because the Skiffs keep asking my attention...

Secondly, I'm replacing EVE online for 2 (upcoming) games which I have pledged for yesterday and today. These games are Shroud of the Avatar and Star Citizen. At this moment, Shroud of the Avatar is already pretty well playable, but some features (the whole crafting system for instance) are missing. Star Citizen is still way in pre-alpha, but I can already fly my ship, do some missions  and get used to the controls.

When I will quit playing EVE online is somewhere in the 2nd week of next month. My brother's account expires on the 9th of December and my freighter on the 11th. This means that at the 11th I will most certainly stop playing (no use to keep mining if I can't really move the ores), but I might as well quit when my brother's account expires. An other of my miners expires on the 5th of December, but I won't really let that one influence my day to end playing EVE. After all, having 4 miners is still enough to keep on going

These new 2 MMOs I'll be playing both do not have a NDA, so I'm free to post about them and show footage (screenshots and videos) on my blog, and I will certainly do that. So expect posts about those 2 games from now on. Right now I am downloading Star Citizen and I can't wait to get started on the dogfight module

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Back to skiffs
25 November 2014
Posted in EVE online
Yesterday evening late I was shown why I'd prefer skiffs over mackinaws: pure defence!

Clearly a wormhole popped up in my home system and it brought a couple of surprises: gankers. These gankers inhabited the wormhole and make it a sport that when a new exit appears to make that sector unsafe. That sector was my home...

Before I knew what was happening, 4 catalysts showed up and targeted one of my mackinaws and tore it apart followed by a kill on the pod itself (meaning the character was killed). I was happy it was one of my alts and not my main character, since that one has quite a lot of expensive plugins. I was lucky that it was only a mackinaw, after all, I stole one a couple of weeks ago from an other player

But half an hour later things turned weird - VERY WEIRD. I spoke with an other player in the sector in Dutch about the loss of that mackinaw, and one of the gankers was Dutch as well. From one thing came an other and before I knew we were kinda 'friends' and they started to help to clear the ice belt of a couple of players.
An other funny thing is that the gankers tagged me and the other player I was talking with as excellent corporation standing and they'd never attack us again

That same evening I switched back to my skiffs (and procurers) again and changed the setup of them a bit. Right now my skiffs have a 'normal' eHP of around 42K and I can boost them to 55K eHP with their current configuration (compared with the mackinaws who didn't get over 15K eHP). This pretty high eHP comes at the price of only 10% of my mining speed on ice (have 33.6 seconds per cycle now instead of 30.6), which is something I really think is a good exchange for doubling the eHP of my skiff I even think that when I push the skiffs I can get them to around 75K eHP but that'd mean that my mining speed will drop dramatically though..

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Nearly quit playing
23 November 2014
Posted in EVE online
Last week I seriously was thinking to let my accounts expire and quit playing. This didn't come from becoming bored of the game, but it eating up too much time and not being able to work on the new game I'm making.

That was until  I spoke with a friend in the sector I'm 'living' and he came with a solution. His suggestion was to switch mining barges - ditch the Skiffs with their small ore bay (15K m3) and use Mackinaws (with a 35K m3 ore bay) instead.

I was stunned that I didn't think about it myself. The only problem with the Mackinaws is (to me) the extremely low defence of around 10K eHP (unbuffed) vs that of the Skiff that has around 23K eHP. Good thing that with a couple buffs I'll be able to upgrade the eHP of the Mackinaws a bit to around 12.5K eHP at the moment, and when I'm done training some skills on my orca it'll raise a bit more.

Along with buying the Mackinaws (and reinstate the Retrivers 2 the 2 toons that can't fly them yet), I also setup the POS again. Though this time I've taken only a small one because I really do want that compression array up & running. The other problem of the POS (being more viable for war declarations) I took care of with using up the rest of the power the POS gives for defences and offences...

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POS removed
19 November 2014
Posted in EVE online
Though a POS is a great asset for a corporation, I think it's really overrated and way too expensive as well. For that reason I have removed it yesterday...

Though it might sound odd, a POS is indeed overrated for high-sec. With CONCORD police everywhere and there to jump in the moment you are attacked (unless you're at war), the POS is not offering any thing extra, other than a nice spot in a possibly stationless system. And even then the POS is still overrated, because in high-sec the few systems without a station that are worth to stay in are very few (Raravoss where I reside a lot comes to mind), and still then, there's always a system with a station in it the next jump...

Expensive is an other thing. The (medium) POS costs me around 300K credits a month. And what am I doing with it? A bit of production, corporation storage and compression of ores. All of those services aside from compression are available at most stations. But the monthly price of an office with a station that has industry is a lot lower - around 17.5K credits. This makes me wonder if the 182.5K credits is worth to keep the compressor up and running...

An other problem with having a POS is wars. Having one and being a miner/producer you're a viable target for a war declaration. And the moment one is declared, you can't tear down anything in it. That means that defences have to be put around the POS, which in turn eats power for the production units you might want to have.

Though the POS is down, I do keep all assets that came from it. I will drop an other POS somewhere and someday again, but in a space where one is needed: low-sec or 0-sec. There it's good to see what's hanging outside the station (or POS) to make a save exit. But sadly, at this time I'm still not ready to hop to low-sec and claim a spot there..

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Planetary production
13 November 2014
Posted in EVE online
I've taken a close look at a lot of blueprints out there and it seems that quite a number needs stuff made by planetary production. And I'm not talking about the 'regular' stuff, but the high-tech production...

Planetary production shows the power of EVE online's industry system. Where a lot of MMORPGs are pretty straight forward in their crafting (mix X, Y and Z materials to get your thing), EVE online has quite a deep crafting system.

Having setup my colonies on the planets, I first have to extract the raw materials from the planet's surface. After having done that, I can process them with the basic processing plants into simple materials. These simple materials need to be mixed (and mostly you can get the 2 types you need from 1 planet) with an advanced processing plant. This process is only the start though... That same advanced processing plant has a 2nd tier of materials it can make, which is used for the high-tech processing plant (only available on 2 planets BTW) to make the end product.

When you look at this process, you start with 3.000 raw material which is converted into 20 simple materials. 40 of these simple materials make 5 tier 1 advanced material, of which you need 10 to make 5 tier 2 advanced materials. Lastly you need 3 tier 2 advanced materials to make 1 high-tech end product.

At this moment I'm setting up my last character who will colonize 2 planets for the last 2 tier 1 advanced materials I need. When I have those, I can make the few missing tier 2 advanced materials I need and from there on all the high-tech end products.

Now I hear you ask how much money that'll give. Well, first off the colonies are a one-time investment of around 10M credits. Then I need to pay a bit of import/export tax to hop some of the materials around and every day I could make 24 of the high-tech end products. This would mean when I make (lets say) medium POSses from them, I'd earn around 300M credits a day. Subtracting the import/export tax from the material hops I make, I think I'll have a rough 290M credits a day from it...

Of course, at times I will most likely have excess materials in large quantities. These I can sell at the market for about 60K credits each (think it's even more). Though it's not much, at least I can get money for the high-tech end products I'm not using at all...

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Medical update...
07 November 2014
Posted in About me
Last couple of weeks (months) I haven't been writing a lot on the blog because I've been pretty tired because of the B12 shortage. Though it's already treated, the fatigue is still there and my doctor said it'd most likely take 2-3 months before the worst fatigue will be gone...

With my last appointment with my doctor last Tuesday, I mentioned the fatigue that's still there and the extreme sleepyness I now have as well. The sleepyness is new though. One moment I'm awake and the next one I'm about to doze off in a very deep slumber. As said above, the fatigue will stay a bit, but the sleepyness is not a side effect of the B12. The doctor suspected one of the heart medications is the cause (which is not, will tell that later on). Concerning the B12, I've had my 10 shots now twice a week, and should go into a monthly shot cycle now. But with the extreme shortage I've had and still being fatigued, the doctor decided to start on a bi-weekly cycle for the B12 the coming months.
There's also good news on the B12 treatment. The last couple of weeks, the severe headache that I used to have has been gone. Okay, I've had a 'normal' headache once or twice, but I think that's fairly normal. because of it I've bought jellybeans for tonight to see if I get a headache of it or not - it might have been the B12 playing up along with the jellybeans in the past

Then the cardio... I had a phone-appointment with her last Wednesday, and she said that none of the medications she proscribed can cause the sleepyness I have right now. Where the pharmacist said that the beta-blocker could cause it, she isn't familiar with it. She did give me the choice to stop using it, but when doing so, the heart cramps might come back more severe, and I don't think that's worth it to remove the sleepyness...
Mentioning the heart cramps... Yes, I still have them, but not as much and severe as before. The cardiologist is glad about it, but still isn't happy about it. She now wants to know what's causing it and has put me on the list for a nuclear heart-scan.

The next day (yesterday) I was called by the hospital about the heart-scan (which will be next Thursday) to prepare for it. Do I smoke? My height, my weight and that kind of stuff. Then the instructions and time I had to be there. Well, the whole day before the scan I'm not allowed to take any caffeine holding drinks and food And I have to be in the hospital at 9am.
WHAT 9am? That can't be! The evening before I'm going to a concert with my brother in Amsterdam, and I'm not sure I'll make the last train home in time. Or if I have it (12.30am), it'll be a hell of a slow ride in one of the most uncomfortable trains they could find...

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03 November 2014
Posted in EVE online
EVE online has a couple of extremely good features. One of them is stealing from other players. Though it may sound harsh and with severe consequences, it is not. The only thing happening when you steal from an other player is that you'll get a 15 minute flag as suspected player. During that time every other player can attach you without becoming flagged their self (though you can defend yourself from that player).

One of the places where stealing happens a lot is during the ice mining period. There's a lot of players (or afk ISboxers or bots, just take your pick) who drop their mined ice in space to pick up later, or being picked up by an other player in their fleet / corporation.

Today was no other day, and this morning before the server restart there was an icebelt that I was mining on. An other 'player' (with a small fleet) was at the other side of the belt, and I noticed that he kept dropping ice in space and that his MTU wasn't picking it up any more. He also had a giant container there (250K m3 size) that I figured would hold most of the ice. I decided to take a peek with my ore hauler (54K m3 size) and I was right! I went to and from their container and my POS to pick up all I could. In the end I cleared almost everything he had in space, for a total of 266 ice (which is roughly 75M ISK).

After the server restart he apparently learned from his mistake and took care that there was almost no ice floating in space, and that giant container wasn't in use either. Instead he decided to hop between his miner and freighter. Sadly, I can't fly that freighter (yet), but I figured that if I'd time it well, I could take his miner when he hopped over to pick up the ice...
Those 5 minutes I had to wait felt like a real long wait, but at one point his MTU didn't pick up any ice any more and there were 3 cans of ice floating in space. At that moment he hopped over to take the ice into the freighter and I was quick enough to take his miner and leave.

Fun thing, the moment a pilot leaves his ship, the ship is open for the picking for every one. You can just enter the ship and take off (if you have the skills to fly that ship...) without any consequences. You won't get flagged as bad player, CONCORD police won't hop in to punish you or any of that stuff.
The only thing you have to consider is the corporation the player is in that you're about to steal a ship (or anything in general) from. I just can't advice to pull something like this off with a player from a big corporation when you're in a small one. Well, my 'target' is in a small corporation and I even think it's only 2 players running it, with most of the characters they have (7 in total) being way too young to have any real combat skills AND good mining skills

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Upgrading the POS
30 October 2014
Posted in EVE online
My brother and I used to have a small POS to fit our basic needs. That basic needs were the fleet hangar, a corporate bay and a compression array for ores. But looking at what I could add to the POS and how much that would save on taxes, I wanted to add a lot of industrial units to start research and production of various items. But the small POS we had was really too small for that all So it was time to start upgrading the POS to a medium one.

Having added a lot of stuff and bringing it all online, there arised a problem... The medium POS is also too small for all stuff I added and wanted to add later on as well. The big CPU/power eaters are the compression and reprocessing arrays I added to the POS.
 photo ExeFile2014-10-2813-36-07-32_zps98821e41.jpg

Good thing though, we normally use either one, which means the other one can be put offline during that time. Only problem there is that when an unit is offline, you can't add items to it, while you can withdraw from it. Knowing this I decided to keep the reprocessing array offline by default (it only has a 200K m3  bay anyway) and keep the compression array online (which has a 20M m3 bay). When I need to reprocess ores, I just put the compression array offline and the compression array online and I move the ores over to reprocess...

For now I think this medium POS is enough for our needs. But I'm sure that when I've learned more industrial skills, I want to add shipyards as well, along with an other few production units that are needed to make the bigger spaceships. But that's a problem for an other day

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You REALLY gotta pay for everything
25 October 2014
I decided to give Start Wars - The Old Republic an other try. After the download and installation of some piece of crapware called BitRaider, the game started and I noticed that there has been a massive server merge. As a result a couple of characters I made to reserve names had to be renamed. Since they were level 1 I decided to delete them at all...

Then playing the game. Well, not much playing done. All skill-trees were reset and I had to start figuring out again what I wanted to do with the character (level 27 BTW) in the first place. Well, too much fuzz for now. Lets check some other things...

Hey, I have 4 mail messages... I wonder what that is after not having played it for over a year... Oh cool... Promotional items being cosmetics, titles and a robot pet. All dropped in the bank aside from the titles and the robot pet. Call the robot pet and it's actually pretty cute... Try to apply the title and.. WTF? I have to be a subscriber to add a title? Or just purchase the option to display the title from the cash shop. WTF? The title is just useless and cosmetic only (no bonuses or whatever from it).

Looking further and there's a lot more cash shop icons here and there for things that seem to be all pretty basic for a MMORPG. I mean, paying to display titles, use cosmetic items (yeah that too and I had a lot of them from the promotional mail) and even extra hotkey bars (good thing my account is preferred and I can have up to 4, but still).

Then there's a new expansion coming and you have to pay €17 for it (wasn't the game F2P). But at least the expansion gives you a massive boost. NO WAIT - it doesn't! It only gives you the boost when you are SUBSCRIBED. Now why on earth would I subscribe to a Free2Play game that has a massive cash shop and makes you pay for expansions..?

It's clear that EA/BioWare is milking this game to the max. I thought SOE was bad at milking, but EA/BioWare is really pushing you either to the cash shop and spend BIG TIME there or into a subscription. A real Free2Play player really has no reason to play this one...

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Building a fleet
22 October 2014
Posted in EVE online
With my 3rd mner having reached Ice Harvesting V, the amount of ice that I mine is starting to become bigger and bigger. Where at first that 3rd miner took over a minute to complete one harvesting cycle, now it's dropped to 45 seconds. And it's this 25% drop in time that made me fly a lot to and forth between the ice belt and my POS. Add to that a 2nd that'll hop out of her Procurer and into her Skiff in about 4 days from now, and the Orca pilot being able to use Tier 2 boosts in that same period, and you can imagine what kind of impact that'll have to the (ice) harvesting in general.

The only way to come around this is by adding an extra pilot (#5 for me already) who will fly a freighter to ans from the (ice) harvesting spot to the POS. Not to mention, the freighter starts already with 3 times the holding capacity that the Orca has, so most of the times the freighter will not really need to leave the (ice) harvesting site a lot

So once again I made a trial account and added a starter pack (Amarrian this time) to the account so that I could get it started. Not to mention, the starter packs all have an attribute boost for 14 days adding 9 to all attributes. Using this booster and optimizing the attributes in general, the learn time for the Charon freighter dropped from 36 to 21 days Sadly though, without the booster the learning time is 28 days so I will most likely end up around 25 days before I can start using this pilot effectively

And speaking about building a fleet. The optimal asteroid belt mining fleet is 4 miners, one freighter and one Orca. The freighter and Orca are pretty obvious, but the miners is so that each can mine it's own kind of ores. Having 3 miners at this moment, I might be getting a 4th miner soonish to complete the fleet and get started on mining full asteroid belts...

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