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PlayStation 3
24 January 2015
Posted in PlayStation
I finally have a PlayStation 3. Though the PS3 console is already pretty old, this one is brand new (sort of). The PlayStation 3 I bought is the super slim model with the 12Gb SSD drive, which I bought at the local pawnshop for only €110.

I know, paying €110 is still a lot for a console type that's almost 10 years old now, but it'll pay itself back over time. Reason for this is that I can buy used games for about half the new-price. And me wanting to play jRPGs from now on, that means it's a win-win. Not to mention, this PS3 is the latest released mode (june 2014).

Sadly though, that 12Gb is already too little storage. I downloaded Dust 514 (the EVE online shooter), and with that one installed, I wasn't able to install Ni no Kuni anymore. This means that I'm already in need of an HDD upgrade and it's a good thing that 500Gb including the bracket I need comes down to around €45.

With a total of €155 I basically have a 'new' PS3 (still have around 18 months of warranty on it) while the 500Gb model costs €100 more.

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ESO going Buy2Play confirmed
21 January 2015
Posted in Elder Scrolls
I'll keep it short this time. I just read the news on PCGamer that ESO will change to a Buy2Play system with optional subscription per March 17th. It's also confirmed that the XBOX ONE and PlayStation 4 releases will be June 9th.

All I can say is grab a cheap-ass ESO copy now before it goes up again after March 17th

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Final Fantasy X
18 January 2015
Posted in PlayStation
The wonders of modern technology... As I wrote yesterday, I said I'd be playing on my PlayStation 2 through a TV tuner card. After looking for a good piece of software I ended up with AMCap. Sadly, the author no longer has it's site and I can't register for it, so I had to download a pirated copy

I immediately started testing this piece of software with Final Fantasy X and it worked well as you can see in the below movie of the intro of the game.

Sadly though, the rendering software I'm using (AVS4You) does a good job on the general quality of the movie. The TV tuner card (and thus AMCap) only supports a resolution of 320x200 maximum and on my screen it looks a bit worse than the above movie shows. There for I've also dropped an actual screenshot below.
 photo Screenshot2015-01-17191927_zpsa5ac22e3.png

Yes, I know, from this point of view, the screenshot looks pretty good, but now please enlarge it to a 1920x1080 resolution and you'll see what I am experiencing. Some of the text is very blurry (though this title screen is pretty readable).

Right now I'm on the fence for an old (1st model) PlayStation 3. I've seen one I can buy for 'only' €85. With the downward compatibility of that console, I can play games like FFX (and most of the jRPGs I want to play) in a decent resolution. It'll also allow me to buy (and play) a both the FFXIII games.

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Back to consoles
17 January 2015
Posted in PlayStation
I've always thought I wasn't a real console player, and I kinda am not. I don't like to sit in the livingroom before the TV and play on a console there. But here in in the hobbyroom without anyone around me, I can play on consoles whenever I like.

Therefor I have taken out the old PlayStation Portable again earlier this month and bought 3 games for it. Of course, I took out the PSP and bought the PS Vita to play those olf jRPGs again. But sadly, a lot of these games are not available for either portable consoles.

 photo IMG_20150116_190046348_zps195af6cc.jpg

Therefor I bought a PlayStation 2 (phat and still region locked - can you believe it? ) yesterday for only €25 (including 2 controllers and a 16Mb memory card) at the local pawnshop. After that I ran to the local game store to pick up Final Fantasy X and X-2 (both second hand). The only problem though is that I don't have a TV here that I can attach the PS2 to. I have a PS2 HDMI output convertor in order right now, but that'll take an other week or 2 before it's here

 photo IMG_20150116_190001103_zps3c6bcf20.jpg

So I installed an extremely old TV capture card that I still had (sucky resolution of 320x200, but it can be boosted and enhanced a bit) so that I can play these games in my hobbyroom through the PC (and even capture the output).

Next on my PlayStation wishlist is a PS4, but I think those are still too expensive to buy...

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Heart is okay
14 January 2015
Posted in About me
I've been to the cardiologist yesterday and I have some good news. After having taking a new ECG and reviewed it, the cardiologist things that my heart is 100% okay again. Because of that I can drop one of the medications and see how things go the coming 2 weeks. If after that period I didn't have had any problems, I can drop the other one as well.

The cardiologist (a different one than I had before) also believes that the extreme B12 vitamin shortage might have been the trigger for the cramps I had early October as well. With the treatment of the B12 injections that I'm having now those cramps should not return any more.

He also advised me to visit a neurologist in about 2 weeks from now (that is if I don't have heart cramps any more) to see how bad the damage to the nerve system is that the long-term (8-10 years for sure ) B12 vitamin shortage is.

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Manga for Dummies #6 - the eyes (again)
11 January 2015
Posted in Drawing art
I know I said I would not post this weekend's attempt on drawing the eyes, but I just have to. Sadly, Friday and Saturday I didn't have too much time and today not that much either. But I really wanted to make a new set of eyes.

This time I took a closer look at ArtRage and found out that I could change the number of pixels per inch. By default it's set to 72, and I figured that when drawing eyes of around 1 inch it would be way too low. There for I set the number of pixels per inch to 144 this time.

 photo MangaLessons2c-1_zps80e07787.png

I also changed the approach of the eyelashes. Where last time I draw them somewhat forced per lash, this time I started with the above line and from there on made it thicker until it looked pretty real. I also make a rough guide line to set the approximate length of the eye lashes. Using this new technique, I think the eyelashes look a lot better than the previous ones.

I honestly am extremely content with the eye on the right. I think that one really hits the nail! The one on the left looks good, but I think a few small things could have done better (or that's my perfectionism talking now ).

Coming week I'll practice on the nose and mouth, but from what I've seen, those two things are extremely easy to draw in manga. If it's really as simple as I think (hope) it is, I will start making a full face by the end of the week...

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Elder Scrolls online to go Buy2Play?
09 January 2015
Posted in Elder Scrolls
For the last couple of months, there's a been a lot of talk about Elder Scrolls online not living up to it's expectations and low subscription numbers. With that speculations about ESO going Free2Play or Buy2Play runs everywhere in the MMO community as well. Though Free2Play sounds very unlikely for an IP like Elder Scrolls, Buy2Play seems plausible. But I never reported about it, because it was just sheer speculation. That was until now...

Somewhere half December on the MMORPG.com forums a couple of posts were made where ESO players mentioned that the 6-month subscription option was removed, leaving only the 1 and 3 month subscription model available for players. Zenimax responded to the players on their forums that 'due to the lack of interest in the 6 month subscription option they removed it'. Well, I never heard such nonsense before, and on the MMORPG.com forums the F2P/B2P speculations fired up (again).

Yesterday Australian EB Games stores were reported to remove ALL Elder Scrolls online related products from stock per January 14th. Later it was said to be a return for excess x-mas stock, but why return it all, while other games only require a partial return?

Today the big news that Elder Scolls online will be released for the XBOX ONE on February 24th. And now it's time for me to hop into the discussion on ESO becoming Buy2Play. Why? In this XBOX ONE announce I miss 2 very important things:
  1. Includes 30 days of free gameplay
  2. Monthly subscription required to play
These 2 things are a *MUST* to be added to any subscription based game. Why leave it out for this XBOX ONE release?

I figured that if the XBOX ONE announcement didn't have it, then what about the PS4 announcement? Sadly, I can't comment on it yet. Okay, it's missing those 2 important things as well, but there's not yet a date and price set. Though I'm pretty sure that with the announcement of Final Fantasy XIV: A Real Reborn the subscription notice was there already..

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Manga for Dummies #5 - the eyes
08 January 2015
Posted in Drawing art
I didn't really feel like drawing yesterday, partly thanks to a massive headache I had (which was quite a while ago I must add). So today I picked it up again and started anew with the eyes.

This time I tried to keep the eyes a bit 'in sync' when looking from the front and the side, and I think I did manage it a bit as well. If you look at the iris, you'll notice that this time the lines are quite at the same place in the side few as they appear at the front view.

 photo MangaLessons2b1-1_zpsd1f8331b.png

I've split up the drawing in 2 parts. The drawing above is the 'finished' first picture with the contours of how I have to continue for the picture below. I on purpose did it this way because most of the eyeball itself had to be erased. I know that I could have added one or two more layers to do the job, but I'd rather be save than sorry and screw up the drawing all together - do keep in mind that I'm still a (re)starting artist

 photo MangaLessons2b2-1_zps7de36a9f.png

Above is the finished drawing. In the book the artist has drawn the shadows on the iris 100% black, but I think that's in error because shadow is never 100% black, while your pupil is. And while there are still a couple of things I think I could have done better (eyelashes), I am quite pleased with the end result.

Tomorrow and this weekend I'll practice a bit more on the eyes. I most likely won't post the results of those drawings, unless I really make an extremely beautiful one...

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Ys & Final Fantasy
07 January 2015
Posted in PlayStation
I'm clearly bored the fuck out of playing MMORPGs. Phantasy Star online 2 which is more a co-op action RPG than a real MMORPG is starting to bore because of the repeating zones I have to go through. That while I do enjoy how the game has been set up.

So I decided to take some time off from MMORPGs, play Phantasy Star online 2 only for about an hour a day and instead head back to single-player RPGs. And more specifically the Ys and Final Fantasy series. Of both series I have quite a number of games already (Ys 4 on PC 1 on PSP and Final Fantasy 6 on PC and 2 on PSP with 2 in order for PS Vita). These games give depth to the RPG experience and I enjoy playing them a lot.

I have started on the 1st episode of both. While Final Fantasy has a clear numbering, Ys hasn't really. Ys I (1987) is the first release of the game, but Ys Origin (2006) is the start of the timeline. Needless to say, I've started with Ys Origin to walk through the whole timeline

An other reason to play both series is that they are different types of RPGs. Final Fantasy is a classic jRPG with standard dialogues and turn-based combat, while Ys is more of an action combat series.

Also worth to note that I still miss a couple of games in both series. Sadly both Ys V and Final Fantasy XII have been released for PS2 only, but luckily, both games are considered to suck as well . Ys: Memories of Celceta and Ys Seven is the one I still need, and I can grab those from the PlayStation store for both PSP and PS Vita. The same goes for my missing Final Fantasy games (V, VI and IX), but those will take me quite a while before I'm there in the series (same goes for the missing Ys titles BTW).

Of course, I want both series complete for the PSP / PS Vita, but when I look at the prices of the older titles in the series on auction sites I wonder if I'd even do that. The Final Fantasy games (non-platinum) go for around €50 each, and the Ys games go for around €25. I know these games are worth a lot, but I just don't have the money to buy them at those prices. I think I should be glad that my local game store had FFI and FFII for only €8 second hand...

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Manga for Dummies #4
06 January 2015
Posted in Drawing art
After having (somewhat) mastered drawing the face contours, it's time to start on the eyes. In the book is seems pretty daunting, but the basics are not. It's just a bunch of ovals set at the right place (hurray for stencils ) and then draw a couple of lines to the centre of the ovals.

 photo MangaLessons2a-1_zps469b88d7.png

Only that last part is what makes it a bit difficult. I can't really over do the number of lines in the iris, and I can't add too few lines.  I also have to keep in mind that some lines have to be longer than the others and some have to be drawn darker than others. With that, the side few of the eye also had a bit of a challenge too. Here I couldn't add straight lines, but they had to be curved a bit to show the view from the side...

And while at it, I also experimented a bit with the pencil settings. ArtRage has a couple of nice settings that influence how the pencil behaves. These settings are Pressure, Softness and Tilt Angle and they seem important to use with delicate things like the eye.

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