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Humble Might & Magic Bundle
04 May 2015
Posted in Computer games

I haven't bought a bundle for about a year I think. When in the past the bundles (from most sites, not only Humble) were of good quality, lately the bundle quality have crashed down into plain and utter garbage OR I already had most of the stuff in the bundle already (no surprise with over 600 games in my Steam library ). Though I have to say, last week's Humble Bundle was good (2nd Origin bundle) but I already had all interesting games in it But this week's Humble Bundle is of quality - it is a Might & Magic bundle, and that's the kind of fantasy-strategy game I really dig!

Though I had already bought it last Friday, I didn't have time to start playing until yesterday. I started with the Might & Magic bundle 1 through 6, but those just plainly sucked. They were old DOS games with 1 and 2 not even allowing me to make a character and start to play The other 4 games did allow me to play, but it was the old The Bard's Tale series all over again but with pretty bad controls on the current-day's fast PCs. So I immediately uninstalled those and continued with the first Heroes of Might & Magic game I had in the series.

That first one is Heroes of Might and Magic III HD. Watch the last part of the title kinda made me LOL after I started to play. Oh yes, it supports HD resolutions up to 1920x1080 on my system, but that's about it. The whole game is just a blown up old-school (DOS) game with higher resolutions. You see all pixels on the screen as if you're playing in an old DOS-box Aside from that, the game itself is pretty much fun to play, though I miss certain features from later versions in the series (LOL - I only have Heroes of Might & Magic V Collector's Edition). The most important one is walk a bit and then fire an arrow. I mean, why can a melee warrior walk toward it's target and swing his sword and an archer can't walk a bit and fire an arrow?

Anyway, I'm waiting for coming Thursday when the next games in the series are added. I'm missing a couple of them (Heroes 1,2, 7, 8 and 9 to name a few and I think some DLC as well). I would really want to own and play through the whole series of the Heroes of Might & Magic!

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Steam to crash down?
01 May 2015
Posted in Computer games

I'm not sure what Valve is thinking, but after 10 years it seems that they have hit a mark that will most likely bring down Steam.

The first and foremost thing that annoyed the hell out of me was the paid mods implemented for Skyrim last weekend. The community revolted against it and it was pulled by Valve. Though the system might still be in place to be implemented later because Valve stated that "We're going to remove the payment feature from the Skyrim workshop." (actual qoute but I lost the source ), which clearly means that they did not end the system.

Then the news that I saw today that Greenlight will be pulled down. This system was a very good one for indie game developers to put their games under attention. With the removal of Greenlight, indie game developers have to fight against the big companies to get their attention OR (most likely) pay loads to get their game on the front page of Steam...

And now this one that I just found. Developers are allowed to ban players from their online games. And though the developer has to submit it to Valve to be enacted, the developer is the one to turn to if you think that your ban has been incorrect, which will mostlikely be never looked at again and you've lost the money you spent.

I fear that Valve being the biggest online digital store out there is suffering from delusions of grandeur. With all those publishers using their platform and thinking their service is a requirement to enable DRM they think they can pull things off and just see how the community responds. Well, I think if Valve keeps on doing shit like this they might be in for a big surprise. They're not the only digital (DRM) store out there and if they keep pushing their community like this the community might just stop buying games that are playable on Steam only. After all there are enough alternatives out there like Good old Games (which is making it's own platform right now) for indie and older games and Origin which has also a lot of big publishers in it's store (other than EA that is ). Not to mention that Perfect World (ARC launcher), TRION and a couple of other MMO publishers are making their own small digital stores as well.

Time will only tell if Valve is big enough to keep make these bad decisions, but if they keep it up like this, it might as well be the beginning of their end...

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4K registrations and 4 weeks left
30 April 2015
Posted in Lineage II

CM Onyx is keeping a nice score on Facebook for the Lineage II classic registrations. As I posted last week, the registration for the Innova Lineage II classic servers had started and they want to get at least 15.000 registrations for them. Well, this morning CM Onyx posted the following on Facebook:

Image title

That's right. We show that there is a real need for a Lineage Ii classic server from an official publisher of the game. I know we can always hop onto one of the many private servers, but that's not at all like official classic servers. First off, the rates are mush higher on the private servers, and secondly, most of them are ran by corrupted admins who make the servers heavily Pay2Win (donate a lot and get +25 gear).

The Innova Lineage II classic servers won't be like that at all. As posted last week, the servers will bring back that original grind along with a couple of features from the later chronicles. That's dropped in the latest game client (so we won't get that crappy Unreal 1.x engine) and most importantly: NO CASH SHOP. The classic servers will really bring back that old Lineage II (Asian grind) feeling.

You can tell that I'm excited and I really am. Damn, I missed playing a MMORPG where I could feel the sense of accomplishment of the things I've achieved. It's so much different from all those other MMORPGs out there - even the EverQuest II I'm playing right now with 75% Alternate Advancement set to my main character I'm still leveling extremely fast.

With the classic servers coming closer I should also start thinking what to play this time. Warsmith is still my favourite class, but also a real underdog. Spoiler is an other option (yes, I love the L2 dwarfs ) and should make a lot of money, but will most likely be a warrior class again instead of the rogue it has become.
With that, how do pets level now? Will they be 'old school' and help kill for their own XP or will they leech a set % from the character controlling them? I'm also wondering if wolfs can evolve into great wolfs as well, because that would certainly make a HUGE difference (damn, those are so OP ).

Guess I'll have to go back to the Innova L2 forums and start participating again and ask these kind of questions...

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Star Ocean 5 announced!
26 April 2015
Posted in PlayStation

I think Star Ocean is an IP that's grown better than that Final Fantasy has done over the last few years. That is from the RPGs made by Square Enix of course There are a lot of better RPGs (for consoles) out there (Tales series comes to mind...)

Anyhow, on I read an article linked to PCGamer where Square Enix would be announcing 3 new games on the upcoming E3. I figured that it could not be a new game in the Final Fantasy series since 15 is around the corner and the Type-0 has just had a remake for the PS4. Therefor I wasn't very interested in this anouncement until last week when I read an update on (once again linked to PCGamer) that the newly announced game would be Star Ocean Integrity and Faithlessness.

Now this is awesome news! Right now I'm playing Star Ocean: The Last Hope on my PS3 and am enjoying the game a lot - even more than I enjoyed Final Fantasy XIII-1! The Last Hope offers a pretty open world and has a number of pretty challenging boss battles. Not to mention, there's crafting and the characters have a pretty deep (and sometimes silly) background. I can only hope that Integrity and Faithlessness will be as good as The Last Hope!

An other interesting thing is that Integrity and Faithlessness is announced for PlayStation 3 and 4 only. Both the fact that it'll be a PlayStation-only title AND that it'll be released on the by now pretty old PlayStation 3 console are pretty interesting and shows once again that PlayStation is THE console to own if you love RPG games.

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Official classic server registration
22 April 2015
Posted in Lineage II

Innova finally has grown the balls to start a Lineage II classic server. Though 'growing balls' might sound harsh, so far there are no (official) classic servers available for the Western player - only private servers are about as close to classic as they come...

Though I say Innova has started a Linage II classic server, that statement is not entirely true... They have opened up the registration for the upcoming classic server and they're aiming for 15.000 players to sign up. I'm not sure if 15.000 players is the minimum amount of players they want or that they just want enough players to warrant 2 or 3 classic servers.

The promise Innova made on their forums a long time ago is that the Lineage II classic server will be a subscription one (they charge 7/month for the current server and I hope they'll charge the same for the classic one) without a cash shop

There is only one catch though to the classic server's gameplay. You won't start in Chronicle 1 like you did back in 2004. No, instead you'll be using the current client (probably a somewhat modified one), and the map is bigger than the old Chronicle 1 one as well. Most likely, Tower of Insolence will be there along with a couple of other HUGE landmarks that were introduced along the way. The server will certainly start with the original C1 'cast', being 5 races and 31 classes.

Any how, I'm pretty excited to see that we'll finally get an official classic server for the West. I can't wait to start playing, but I think the server won't be up and running before August though...

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Deathfist Citadel
19 April 2015
Posted in EverQuest II

One of the big pluses are the dungeons. Unlike most MMORPGs (I'm looking mainly at you World of Warcraft ) the dungeons in EverQuest II are not instanced (I have already met a couple of players in them) and they are huge. And when I say huge I really mean HUGE! And the reason they are that huge is because they're non-instanced and 'yet an other map'.

The Deathfist Citadel is one of those dungeons for players of about level 35. Enter with a small party (if you're over 35 and know what you do) or a full party if you're still low in the 30s. In my case I entered at 35 after an invite by 2 players to join of which one brought a mercenary healer (NPC follower - not a pet!). I had no clue what to expect or where to go (my sense of direction really sucks in games, while in real life it's awesome) so I said I'd follow the leader and see where we'd end up.

In the end we were busy in the Deathfist Citadel for about 2 hours (time really flies when having fun ) and we ended up at the spot of the big boss (the King). Sadly he was not on his throne and for me it was time to leave to make dinner. But I added the other 2 players to my friendlist and said I wanted to do that dungeon again when I had more time and we knew how to get that boss popped.

By now I have seen one of the players again and he said that we had to kill 6 mini bosses in the dungeon (I think we killed only 2 of them) to get that King to pop.I have also started to gather more quests in Zek (the map where this dungeon resides) that are related to the dungeon and I can't wait to enter it again and do a full run and kill that King in the end.

An other note worth to mention is that 2 days ago I learned that the BeastLord class is about the least wanted class by any player in a party or guild because it's been nerved to death and has very limited DPS abilities. Funny enough, I've been complimented more than once in that dungeon on how well I played there. I even was the last man standing when a couple of monsters kinda wiped the other 2 players and 1 NPC, but I managed to kill the remaining monsters by myself (on very low health though )

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Walking the lands of Norrath again
16 April 2015
Posted in EverQuest II

I know I've bitched quite a number of times about $O and how they do not prioritize their customers. But recently $O has been sold by SONY and some investment company has bought it. With the sale, the name of SOE could not longer be used and it was changed to Daybreak Game Company. After that DGC laid off quite a number of people (including staff!).

With these changes I thought it was time to give EverQuest II a new try. And honestly, not only because of these changes. I wanted to play a well done (themepark) MMORPG again after the second failure of The Elder Scrolls online (failure to me - the games bores the fuck out of me). With the choices of well done (themepark) MMORPGs being very low, being World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XIV: A Real Reborn and EverQuest II, the choice is simple: take the free one!

And there I was once again on the roads of Norrath. Having not stepped a foot on them for a couple of years I had no clue where I left off. Well, that was picked up quite quickly again. I had to go to Zek and do the quests I had there. But my eye fell on 2 other quests that were still running and in level ragen. One of them was in Nektulos Forest and I decided to complete that one. Though the reward kinda sucked, it was a good run to get to know my character again.
The other forest is still ongoin. When I set foot on the Thundering Steppes, I was presented an epic quest (while the map is meant far below 32) and I decided to run that one. The start of that quest was easy (still didn't turn in the other quest why I went to the Thundering Steppes ), after entering some gnollish tunnels, things started to get rough (level scaling).

For now I'll keep EverQuest II as my current MMORPG to play in favour of Blade & Soul. I am enjoying EQ2 a lot more than BnS and that's what it all is about - enjoy the game I'm playing. I only do need to find a guild now to hang out with and run dungeons with. I'd prefer a 'progression guild', but my current character I want to level to the maximum (kinda had with Alternate Advancement set to 50% ). Of course, I can always make an alt to cap my character's level to where the guild wants...

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Elgato rocks for streaming
13 April 2015
Posted in PlayStation

Like I said yesterday, I decided to give the Elgato Game Capture HD a try and I bought it last weekend. Well, I gotta say that from the moment I installed it I was sold by the thing. Let me make a comparison with the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro from my PlayStation 3 experience (can't really comment on other consoles since I only own a PS2 and PS3 )

First the price of the two. The Elgato is 20 more than the Roxio, but it comes with a PlayStation 3 cable, which the Roxio lacks. That means that for PlayStation 3 owners the price of the two is roughly the same, but for other console owners the Elgato is a bit more expensive. But I think in general that extra 20 for the other console owners is really worth it (read on).

The installation of the Elgato is as simple as that of the Roxio. Just plug it in, install the drivers and software. The Elgato does not come with a CD so you should download the latest version from their site, while Roxio comes with a CD and has a key linked to it (I feel sorry for the person who buys my returned device, though after all this time the thing is still available in the store - I did ask Roxio to remove my key and make it available, but so far it's still linked to my account ).

One of the main reasons I returned the Roxio was the shadows it created on my screen. The Elgato doesn't create such shadows and has a 100% stable pass through of the signal through the device. And speaking about the pass through of the signal... The Roxio had problems switching from 1080p to 720p, forcing me to have my PC on to make the switch, while the Elgato switches resolution without any problem when my PC is turned off. An other important feature is that the Elgato by default supports the 1080p signal when the PC is turned on, while the Roxio needed a software upgrade of the PC drivers to reach 1080p (it only supported 1080i when the PC was turned on).

Then the software supplied by the 2 manufacturers... They both have the same functionality in general, but the Elgato goes a lot further where the Roxio stops. For instance, the Elgato allows you to set your maximum bitrate for streaming and thus the quality of the signal. This while the Roxio uses the maximum bitrate available for the resolution you want to stream on. This means that the Elgato can stream on 720p with as low as 1.6Kbps while Roxio uses the default 2.5Kbps for 720p (and thus isn't optimized for slower upload rates).
An other good feature the Elgato software has and the Roxio software lacks is the ability to stream and capture the feed locally. Though it does seem like a feature one would not use a lot, video editors (like myself) certainly will use it. And to make things even better, the Elgato allows you to separate the actual gameplay feed from anything you add on the PC (pictures, webcam and even commentary!)
Last but not least, the Elgato software has a higher quality in general, making the software respond a lot faster than the Roxio software does...

Streaming with both the Elgato and Roxio software also shows some differences. Both support twitch and Yahoo (for obvious reasons), but adding a custom site (like DailyMotion for me) is a lot easier with the Elgato software. Sadly though, the Elgato software only stores 1 streamkey and uses it for all settings, where the Roxio stores the key per streaming site.
Of course, you're not forced to stick with the supplied software. You can use XSplit or Open Broadcaster Software. I'm using the latter for the Eegato (didn't use it with the Roxio so I can't comment on that part) and this speeds up the throughput from the PlayStation 3 to the PC and streaming to the site a lot - especially from the PS3 to the PC. Don't ask me where that extra speed comes from, but I think it has something to do with the Elgato software allowing you to replay while streaming (didn't figure out how that works because I won't use that while playing games).

Though I am very positive about the Elgato, there is one negative to the drivers and/or software. Whenever I start to stream, the PS3's screen blanks for half a second. This happens in both the Elgato software and the OBS software (so it must be the drivers I think). That means that when I want to stream, I have to be in the main menu of the game and not be playing already just to make sure I won't die in the game when that blank screen shows. But aside from that, I think that the Elgato is a much better streaming device than the Roxio is...

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Twitch it is for streaming!
12 April 2015
Posted in General

Hmm... Not sure if I should be happy with this, but DailyMotion also counts my saved streams towards the amount of uploaded videos. Playing and streaming MMORPGs through DailyMotion really eats up a lot of my 2 hours upload limit per 24 hours that way. And indeed, after today's DailyMotion stream I once again hit the cap

And having today started with streaming from my PlayStation 3 as well (I bought the Elgato Game apture HD - ore about it later today or tomorrow) and that'll eat up a lot of upload space as well from DailyMotion. Not to mention that twitch has a bigger number of viewers as I found out today while playing Destiny.

With both the Elgato software and OBS being able to stream and record the game feed at the same moment, I figure I'll just have to capture my gamefeed locally, edit it on twitch for all to see and only upload to DailyMotion what I think really is worth it. Only that way I can stay under that 2 hour limit and keep content on DailyMotion of good quality (which is why they set the limit in the first place).

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Still 105
12 April 2015
Posted in About me

As I said half a year ago, I don't stand on the scale a lot. If it's 4 times a year it's a lot, and why be concerned about my weight when I don't have too much physical problems from it. Anyhow, back then I was a 105 and was quite pleased with it in my current situating where I'm not able to loose weight through exercising...

Last night I had some problems with a very strong heartbeat - a lot stronger than I normally have. Though it wasn't irregular (faster or slower), I felt my heart beating in my neck while I was not having a headache or did anything to cause my heart to beat that hard. Then I thought it was about time to stand on the scale once more, also because my tummy seems to be growing a bit...

The only thing I have set as a 'standard' is to stand on the scale in the morning right after I have taken a shower. Standing on the scale on a different time would result in an inaccurate measure compared with the last time I stood on it. While there's nothing wrong with measuring at night before going to bed, it is the time of day where you'd be on your heaviest (hint for female readers there ).

So this morning I stood on the scale again, and as the title implies, I'm still on a 105. I still think it's not the best weight for me, but being less and less able to exercise I think that keeping my weight stable (though a bit too high) is already an accomplishment. It means that I'm on the right track already. And knowing how much I eat (including the secret eaters stuff ) it means that I can loose some weight and get back to around the 95 I want to weight. Its just the simple fact to lay of the chips and suger just a bit more...

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