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It was not the jelly beans
14 September 2014
Posted in About me
Earlier this month I decided to stop eating jelly beans because I thought the sugar in them might give me a sugar rush.
We're now 10 days further and I can say for sure that the sugar rush isn't actually causing the tiredness problems that I'm experiencing. But I am sure that I am intolerant for too much sugar, because since I stopped eating jelly beans (and a lot of other high-sugar products), the severe headaches haven't been around so often any more.

The one thing that's still there is the extreme tiredness though. And honestly, the tiredness is getting worse and worse. Where in the past I had to take a small rest during the day (mostly an hour after work by lying on the couch), now I actually fall asleep during that rest (even when I'm actively busy) and during the evenings at one moment I just can't keep my eyes open any more (mostly around 10) and fall asleep. It even has already happened a couple of times that I was playing games on the computer and from one moment to the other I almost dozed off (I would if I didn't quit right there and lay down on the couch).

I'm sure there's something wrong with me physically now. This tiredness is different than the one from lack of sleep from suffering from Asperger's syndrome and ADD. This tiredness feels more like pure exhaustion after having done extreme physical labour all day long.

Knowing that something is off with me I make an appointment with my doctor tomorrow to start some bloodworks and (hopefully) a full check up. Though fatigue problems always are hard to pinpoint to to the actual cause, I do hope he can pinpoint it in my case...

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Haad-start started
13 September 2014
Posted in ArcheAge
I received an eMail late last night that the ArcheAge head-start had started. But by now I've lost all interest in the game already. A game that has great possibilities for the fantasy sandbox lover, but recent changes to the game made it less appealing for me. Not to mention that I'm playing EVE online right now, the king of the sandbox MMOs, and compared to EVE online no other sandbox MMO gives the features it has...

So what to do with the account I have for ArcheAge (along with Defiance and RIFT linked to it)? Right now I'm not sure. I have spent €135 for the game (and about €75 on the other 2) and my 6-month 'subscription' time will start running after the head-start is over. I'm not sure if I should keep the account and just let the time expire or if I should pass it on to someone who's interested in actually playing the game (for a small fee of course )...

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Wormhole exploration
11 September 2014
Posted in EVE online
Recently I've made my 3rd character to make a small fleet. Because I didn't do the whole tutorial with the previous character I made and having enough time before this 3rd character could use a mining barge, I figured to go through all of the tutorials. I also made this decision because the whole exploration thing was kinda fuzzy to me after those 6 years I didn't use it...

One of the most important things in exploration are the wormholes. Those bring you to a -1.0 security area and have lots of goodies in them along with a lot of other sites you need to scan for. The one I found had a couple of combat sites, but also an 'uncommon' asteroid belt. It was a belt with all the 'normal' ores available, including those that give the most hard to come by mineral: Megacyte. This mineral can only be found in 0-sec and lower (thus wormholes).

And there I was this afternoon in a wormhole. The entrance was unstable, and I figured it would collapse at the end of the day (during the daily restart of the servers), and that was indeed a valid assumption. But what I didn't know (and could have known if I'd have read the information on the wormhole), is that it would also collapse after a certain amount of ship travel, and that's exactly what happened

It's a good thing that I had my new character with me, and I started scanning for an other wormhole immediately, which I did in a couple of minutes. No problem there and I exited the wormhole, only to find myself 30 jumps away from my homebase. And that was about 10 minutes before the ice would pop up in my most favourite system. With that I also had the problem that the exit sector (0.5 security) only had warp jumps through low-security space. It was only 3 or 4 hops through it, but that'd be enough to bump in a gate camper and loose my 3 ships.

In all, I have learned a lot (once again). One of the most important things is that I should only enter a wormhole with an Orca if I'm going in to mine it (if I can squeeze one of those through the wormhole) to minimize the number of jumps I have to make..

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Blaze decommissioned
07 September 2014
Posted in EVE online
Looking back in my blog I seem to have played EVE online more than I thought. It was February 2010 that I commissioned Blaze, the slow, bulky but strong Prophecy ship.

I've been using Blaze quite a lot the last month for missions and such, and the ship indeed was very well fitted and up to the challenge of the missions. That was until earlier today. I picked up a level 2 mission for the Amarr Navy that's give 474 loyalty points and a time reward if completed within 6 hours. I knew then already that the mission would be hard, but since I already had done one of that kind of LP and time I figured nothing would happen. My brother wanted to tag along and together we went in.

As expected, the NPC ships raped our shields and hull and we had to bail out a couple of times for repairs. Quite much the same like last time I did a similar mission solo. All went according to plan, until I made the mistake to stick a bit too long till a NPC ship was destroyed.
Yup, I got the ship, but my hull was already almost destroyed (~20% left) and when I warped out, but sadly there were still missiles under way. Enough missiles to destroy the remaining hull and whole structure *KABOOM*

It's a good thing I had made quite a lot of money already. I was already eyeing to an other ship to replace Blaze with in time, but now I had to replace it immediately.
 photo ExeFile2014-09-0718-11-39-76_zps57081d2a.jpg
Yeah, I treated myself with a Navy Issue Armageddon. Let the power come to me with this ship But as you can see, in the above picture the grid isn't yet complete. I was still looking on what to drop on it and how to manage the whole defence AND powergrid for keeping up the defence. By now I think I have it about up and running the way I want.

Of course, with this Navy Issue Armageddon I've completed the mission together with  my brother. And it was clear that the ship hasn't been optimally fitted yet, because we had to bail out a couple of times from the area and for repairs and get in again. Not to mention, this ship is SO DAMN SLOW! It flies with a mere 120m/s and most NPC ships just outfly (can't say outrun ) me without too much problems...

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Sugar intolerance?
04 September 2014
Posted in About me
Last year I wrote about the sugar rush I might suffer from and resulting tiredness. If you read on (and before), you'll also see more than once that I'm dead tired from time to time. So it was time to test something out on the subject...

2 weeks ago I ate more than the 'normal amount' of jelly beans, which came down to around 1kg (2 buckets). I was suffering from terrible headaches and extreme tiredness again. Last week I stayed 'clean' from jelly beans and both the headaches and tiredness were down to 'normal levels' for me (which would be still terrible for you ).

This Monday I bought an other bucket of jelly beans (I really love them!) and though the headaches didn't come up at once, the tiredness was massive again this week. Yesterday I ate the last jelly beans and today seems to be a pretty normal day again, though there is a slight build up on the headache now (could also be the heath we have here again).

One thing is clear to me. I am intolerant for sugar or any of the other additives (colour & flavour) and I think I should lay down most of the candy from now on. This does sadden me though, because it's o-so good to eat from time to time. I also have to look for alternatives for my sweet teeth. Perhaps rice crackers with jelly will do..?

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EVE becomes fun
02 September 2014
Posted in EVE online
Over 3 years ago I wrote a small post, asking when EVE would become fun and I linked the promo movie of The Butterfly Effect. What happened in that movie, is somewhat how I found the corporation I'm now in. Though I didn't help a miner in need, I bumped into the CEO of the corporation, we started talking and there was a 'click'.

Now that I've been playing EVE for a bit over a month again, and am about the same time in the corporation, and I gotta say that EVE indeed is getting more and more fun to play. Though my main activity is still mining ore and ice, the interaction and cooperation with the other members of the corporation is very good.

An other good thing of the corporation I'm in is that they are very helpful. I had only a couple of days to go and was just a bit of ISK (in-game currency) short to buy myself a PLEX (30-day game time), and though I said I would make it in time, I was handed the money without a second thought

And the helpfulness  goes further than just the monetary part. They help me learning the game a lot, explaining stuff and showing things. Also, they have a huge amount of (big) blueprints of which I can ask the item to be build (provided I give the materials).

Like I said 3 years ago, EVE online only gets better when playing in a corporation, and I'm glad I found a good one!

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3-monitor connection problems
28 August 2014
Posted in General
It's pretty frustrating when you've setup the nVidia display surround spanning and old games that use full screen resolutions on a single monitor won't work. That was the case for me when I tried to play some of the older games I had that didn't support the 5760x1080 resolution. Though the output did go well to the monitor according to the computer (screenshots I took proved it), the actual output came with a blueish flickering on the screen

 photo CAM00025_zps0273bd59.jpg

I asked on the nVidia forums two days ago, but it seems that there's no nVidia employee there and I still have to get my answer there. At the time I posted there I figured to ask in a gamers forum as well (being MMORPG.com), and there I almost immediately had an answer. The main answer was that it might be caused by cable interference, but I had my doubts about it, because when I'd configure as 3x 1920x1080 (thus not use spanning), the old games played normally on the monitor.

But that interference remark made me think, and I went back to the nVidia site on the configuration setup for 3 monitors.
 photo Screenshot2014-08-26164335_zpsf750efb5.png
In my setup I'm using Option 1, with the centre and right monitor on GPU 1 (left) and the left monitor on GPU 2 (right). This setup gave normal output to the monitor, but I was wondering why there was a difference between Surround Display and Optional Surround Display in the guide, after all they all are surround displays. But I decided to drop the left and right monitors on GPU 2 and see what would happen.
Well, that hunch seemed to be the right one! After I had to reinstall the surround spanning in the drivers after the reboot and tried one of those old games, the game showed up normally on the centre monitor!

With this I can only conclude that the difference between Surround Display and Optional Surround Display is that the first one is actually the main (centre) monitor and the latter are the actual surround display. Thanks nVidia for making thing so very clear *NOT*

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Dual monitor gaming & compatability #2
25 August 2014
Posted in General
A couple of days ago I posted about the dual-monitor setup that EVE supported, but that other programs and platforms didn't support it. The non-support is partly true. YouTube does support the 3840x1080 resolution (as you can see below), which is labeled as 2K.

But I was right about AVS not supporting the resolution. The maximum supported resolution in the current version ( is indeed 1920x1080. But after I submitted the request to add higher resolutions for video rendering, I received a reply that I should download the latest version (I already had it), and download a single new main-.EXE file. This file is the upcoming 7.0 version of AVS Video Editor and does support resolutions up to 3840x2160. Along with the replay I also had a request to send them a small piece of video with the 3-monitor setup in 5760x1080 so that they could (try to) implement that as well, which I gave them

I gotta say, I've been using AVS for already a year of 5 and I never had any support questions for them (software worked as intended for me). I figured it would be a small company with a long waiting queue for support questions, but that's totally not true. I even dare to say that AVS has a faster and better response than a lot of the huge companies out there that I've had issues with. I'm also please by the way they picked my ticket up and handing an early version of the upcoming release. For that I indeed wanted to help them by giving them a small 5760x1080 video.

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3-monitor setup #3
24 August 2014
Posted in ArcheAge
A 3-monitor setup is also supported by ArcheAge. And I have to say that ArcheAge supports the 3-monitor setup better than the games I tried so far. As I said before, the regular 3-monitor resolution is 5760x1080 and 4320x900. ArcheAge supports these 2 resolutions as well (though the triple 1440x900 resolution is not natively supported by most monitors and will give odd results), ArcheAge also supports a resolution of 3840x720

 photo ARCHEAGE2014-08-2208-34-42-10_zps43395ecd.jpg

 photo ARCHEAGE2014-08-2208-36-19-68_zpsb144bc39.jpg

I'm showing you both (triple HD) resolutions above, along with the info on GPU load and performance. Though at my farm both resolutions don't really have a lot of problems keeping up with it, I can imagine that in Mahadevi or during massive naval PvP, the GPUs will suffer severely from overheating with the 5760x1080.

An other good thing to notice is the extra perspective added on the surround monitors. The perspective at the far side of those monitors is closer than near the centre monitor. I'm not entirely sure, but I think that the nVidia drivers are responsible for this effect. An effect that adds more depth to playing with a 3-monitor setup.

I have to admit, that for a while I wasn't sure if I'd be playing ArcheAge at release. I've already seen and done most that the game has to offer. But now that I see that ArcheAge also supports multi-monitor setups, I think I'll reconsider and play it for sure at release. Only problem now is what resolution to use. Should I go save on the 3840x720 one or go for 5760x1080 but suffer lag and heavy noise from the GPUs trying to keep them self cool..?

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3-monitor setup #2
21 August 2014
Posted in General
An other day with 3 monitors and an other day to get things working...

The main problem with the mix up of the 5760x1080 and 4800x900 resolutions most likely came from a nVidia beta driver I was using. This morning I installed the latest nVidia drivers and the spanned resolutions now act normally

The other problem with the old monitor's huge color difference is close to fully fixed. At this moment, the color difference comes from brightness, where the 2 LED displays are a lot brighter than the old LCD display, and I can't get those to match 100% in brightness. I think the current match in brightness that I have achieved is good enough and not overly distracting.

Then games... What games to work in 5760x1080 and which are actually playable. This will be a trial & error course for sure.

 photo ExeFile2014-08-1908-09-17-83_zps8f3fefc1.jpg

Of course, the first game to try was EVE online and I gotta say that the experience at first was very impressive. That was until I wanted to see some of the (left and right) UI windows and I kept shaking my head

An other one I tried was Morrowind. Though this title is extremely old, there are a couple of mods that allow to use higher resolutions, and the 5760x1080 resolution is semi-supported. The game itself plays normally, and using the TAB key to see your player stats and map works well too. The problem arises when you want to see your Journal. That one is centred on the width of the screen and thus you see only a small piece of it

 photo 2014-08-21_00003_zps1175d11b.jpg

The one that really gave me a blast and didn't suffer from any weird UI glitches was Path of Exile. That game played extremely well in 5760x1080 and from now on I will keep playing that one on the 3-monitor span for sure!

Then of course is the actual reason why I bought the 2 new monitors: programming. This morning I've been at it again and it really was a blessing to have 3 HD monitors at my disposal. On the left one I had the game routine's flowchart open, the centre one held the main source code and the right one held the PHP code that I use to connect TetraGems with the online database.

Yeah, I'm one happy nerd at the moment...

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