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It has become an abomination
20 December 2014
Posted in Lineage II
Here I go again, bitching on what Linage II after the Goddess of Destruction. And if you thought the Goddess of Destruction has killed the game, a couple of changes fixed some of it again (back to 34 classes, which is the most important one for me), there have also been changes that have even killed the game even more...

Where to start..?

Well, lets start with the most important thing, which I have mentioned before. Lineage Ii as it is now is a game made to level ASAP to 85, and from that moment on the game becomes the 'grind' as it used to be. But the 'grind' has changed. From where in the past you had to grind for XP/SP, GoD made the game a 'grind' for gear, much like every other MMORPG out there. You get tokens for each and every daily instance you do and when you have gained enough of them you can exchange them for gear or other stuff you need. Sounds familiar, right World of Warcraft immediately comes to mind...

Then recent changes made the game even worse for me. As you know, I'm a lover of crafting, and Lineage II had (HAD on purpose) one of the best crafting systems out there. Though GoD refurbished it a bit to simplify things, it was still pretty good. But now that I have returned with the latest expansion, crafting is only available for R-grade (level 85+). The whole crafting system below that grade is still there, but key materials are not dropped or spoiled any more. To make things worst, quests like 'Legacy of Insolence' are still there and give their original recipe reward. Recipes that are used for A-grade Why on earth is that quest still giving that as a reward when you can't craft it any more?

Adding to the whole crafting thing, the main story line gives 'Steel Door Guild Coins' as reward. These rewards can be used for common items of any grade up to S-Grade and 'purchasing' these items can be done with the coins you have gathered along the way. And when you've out leveled the items' grade, simply return them for a 100% refund of coins and grab the next grade (can we spell insta-gratification?)

Last but not least, subclasses. These are totally different from dualclasses, which can be leveled to level 99. But subclasses can only be leveled to level 80. And that's not gonna change! Not even with the future expansion where you can level your dualclasses up to level 199! So what on earth are those subclasses good for? Only for those few skills they give you? And when you've hit level 80 on both subclasses, you most likely will never use them again...

Once again, I think Lineage II really has been destroyed by the goddess. With no word yet on the classic server, I'm very much tempted to play on private servers again. But there I have an other problem. Most of them have way too high rates compared to the original Lineage II (15x for Dragon to name one, which is actually pretty low for a private server) and it makes the game not really worth to play (insta-gratification rings a bell?).
Luckily I have found one private server with only 4x rates and it's using Gracia Final as chronicle. This means it's not as destroyed as the later Chronicles, it still has the Kamael and a couple of other features that I don't like too much. Perhaps I should check it out to see how it plays there..

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Full physical relapse
19 December 2014
Posted in About me
When will things start to get better? When I quit taking the cholesterol medication and the fatigued and campting pain in my legs faded, I thought it would get better. There for my teamcoach and I agreed to start working 2 days a week on slow days (Wednesday and Friday) and take my small route. Well, that kinda backfired on me...

After last week's Friday I felt the fatigue return, but it wasn't as bad as it was and I figured it was because I started to work again and my physical condition had become a bit worse. After all, I've been home sick for 2 1/2 months. But the fatigue didn't really go away again. Early this week it was still there, but I could do my daily things as I used to.

Then Wednesday came and the postal route was quite a lot. Instead of the normal 10-15cm post on that day, I had a fully stuffed bag this time (60-80cm post ), all thanks to x-mass. Nothing bad about x-mas, but it was a lot more than expected. Without complaining I started to work, did my route. But halfway through it my legs started to ache again and it became worse and worse.

The next day (which is yesterday now) the fatigue and muscle ache was that bad that I wasn't able to walk normally. With this fatigue and muscle ache returning I decided to call my doctor and she (Fridays there's a female doctor instead of our normal one) had a spot ready only this morning. I also called in 100% sick again for work that same day.

Today I've been to the doctor and she took a look at my legs and feet (didn't mention them, but those are aching like crazy). I also mentioned to her that my arms and hands (mainly right, but I'm right handed) are starting to fatigue as well and ache a bit as well.
She isn't sure this is the result of long-term B12 shortage, also because having the B12 shots now already for 2 1/2 months, the fatigue and cramping pain should go away and not return and spread (to the arms and hands). The opted that it could be a form of rheumatism. For that she wanted my blood to be screened and while at it, the B12 value should be checked as well. Having had the B12 injection only last Monday, this value should be normal at least, if not sky high.

For now she's waiting the results of this blood screening (should be in next Monday) before taking further action. With that, half January I'm having my 2nd opinion on my heart and she wants to wait for that as well before sending me to the next specialist...

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76 and done
17 December 2014
Posted in Lineage II
I've given that Ertheia race a real chance. But after having hit level 76 the boredom just continued as before...

The problem (as I stated a couple of days ago) is the lack of skills. Hitting 76 I hoped I'd get new skills like most races do. And indeed, I did get one. And like before, it's a trigger skill

It's obvious that this whole class (and probably the race) is build around the jumping skill, a main skill that gives a trigger and a few trigger skills. This makes playing the class for me extremely boring. The class makes the 'grind' even worse than the 'grind' Lineage II has. And though on lower levels there's close to no grind now, I feel like I'm grinding with this class.

I decided to mothball this one and hope that in a next patch something is done with the lack of skills. But I have my doubts that that'll ever happen..

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Returning to Dragon Network
14 December 2014
Posted in Lineage II
I know I've said long ago that I'd never play on a private server again, but times have changed. Or rather, Lineage II has changed with Goddess of Destruction release. This expansion kinda killed the game completely for me, and though I come back from time to time, it's not the game I fell in love with almost 9 years ago (yes, it's been *THAT* long ago already).

Now with talk and speculation from both NCWest and Innova EU that there might or might not come a Classic server with some progression through the game, there still is not even a word about a YES or NO or even a date that it might appear. That while Korea and Russia already have these Classic servers and they are a big success!
There is one word from Innova EU and that's that before the end of the year we'll hear if it's a YES or NO, but with the number of players (~2K on peak hours), I have my doubts that a Classic server will be launched...

Now Dragon Network. Though I still don't agree with the piracy toward NCSoft, they WILL release a Classic server most likely the coming week. This game will hold the original High Five (Freya) release of the game, with a few differences. One is that the rates will be 15x (like the other 2 servers they already have), and a few tweaks where players can donate for their sub-quest items and non-game breaking stuff (mainly cosmetics).

This new Dragon Network Classic server is good news for me and I have already downloaded the client and updated mods to connect to the server. Now all I have to do is wait for the new server to open and start playing *YAY

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My take on the Ertheia race
13 December 2014
Posted in Lineage II
4 days ago I made an Ertheia Wizard. One of the two new classes from the new race. At this point, that character is level 73 and I'll give you my view of this new race/class so far...

First off, the Ertheia are CUTE! They have the cute looks of the dwarfs, but are tall like men and elfs. The clothing the wizard wears is quite a lolita look, where some of the sets look better than others. The D-grade (common) set you get at level 20 is pretty much ...meh... It's yellow and the bottom part are much like bloomer pants. The C-grade (common) has the looks of the Demon's tunic set and really lolita style. Right now I'm wearing a DC robe set and this one is white (Majestic look - much like Kamael that has only Blue Wold look for B-grade?).

Game play is an issue. It's like Zylo said in one of his comments that there's a lack of skills, and he was very right about that. At this moment I have a grand total of 5   skills, of which one is racial (running while in stealth), one is a jumping skill (racial as well I think), 2 magic skills, where one triggers a debuff that allows the other to use, and one magical 'backstab' skill (usable from stealth, but not only form behind). So you can imagine that playing the race is quite boring, almost as boring as the dwarfs in the old Chronicles of Lineage II.

An other thing that's bugging is the story line. The Ertheia have a separate story line from the other races. This means that you can't do most of the quests that the other races do and vice-versa. But there's also an other problem. Half the Steel Coin quests (which are really needed for gear on the Innova server) are excluded for the Etheria race. To make things worse, the daily quests (up to now) are not available either. That means that I'm forced into an old fashioned level grind.

To make things worse, the lack of the daily quests also influences the amount of adena I've gained. Where other races get lots of adena from the daily quests, the Ertheia don't get as much. To show the difference, my Warlock (level 53) has over 7M adena, while my Ertheia only has 5M...

So far I can't say I'm impressed by the latest racial addition to Lineage II. And I fear that when I hit level 85 and awaken, the Ertheia wizard will become a regular wizard like all other classes...

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Finally some good news!
09 December 2014
Posted in Lineage II
I was about to write a post about the loss of the spark I once had for Lineage II. Of course, this spark was lost after the Goddess of Destruction release in November 2011. But it looks like I have to change the topic a bit into GOOD NEWS...

The reason for the good news is that in Korea the classic (Chronicle 1) servers have been released. This I already knew, but today I read on MMORPG.com that Innova (European Lineage II host) is going to do the same, but as of yet there's no date set.

This is some awesome news. I mean, going back to Chronicle 1 (which I never played - I started with Chronicle 3) will bring back the game I loved to play and where you can be proud of your accomplishments. Along with this news, I am immediately downloading the Innova Lineage II client and I hope that by now the classic server is up again. Needless to say, the NCWest Lineage II client I have removed already (see the start of this post).

There is also an other (possible) issue on the innova servers. I read that they have merged servers and not all characters have been merged into the new server. Originally they wanted to allow 'resurrections' of not transferred characters up to October 17th. But now I've read that until the end of this year they'll resurrect these characters. So it looks like I'm in time to check if my 2 characters have been transferred yet or that I need to make a support ticket...

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The new expansion
07 December 2014
Posted in Lineage II

It's been a while since I last played Lineage II. Last time I logged on was July this year because of the upcoming expansion. By now that expansion has been applied and a new race has been added. I wanted to take a peek on what has changed (a lot!) and how the new race played.

First off, the changes are numerous, and I have even more corroded stuff in my inventory and warehouse than before. Fishing has had a huge overhaul and you can only fish on per-designated places (mainly Fantasy Isle from what I saw so quickly). That means that you can't throw out your line anywhere like you used to, but only on those (probably overcrowded) fishing spots
Because my old rod has been corroded (and thus unusable), I haven't even looked at fishing at all. Along with that, a lot of skills that I paid a lot of fishing marks for are gone as well, including all inventory  and crafting slots boosts

Then the new race... I didn't make a new character this time, but I saw one in action and I gotta say that I like the animations and skills displayed. Like dwarfs these are small people, but a little slimmer. I might make a character myself to see how they actually play, but from the looks of it, I think I'd like them more than I liked the Kamael...

An other change I noticed is that you now can only run 3 clients per computer. Though I have 4 accounts, I do think that this change is a good one. This does lower the in-game botting parties to farm materials and adena...

And speaking about botting... When I logged on yesterday for the first time since 18 months or so, a friend immediately PMd me. It seems that NCWest FINALLY has seen the light and is starting to ban bots. This is a good thing, but I fear it's coming too late.

For now I'll be playing Lineage II a bit and see if I can get into the game again as I did in the past. I hope to find a nice clan that'll make the game more fun to play as well...

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1 expired, 6 to go
06 December 2014
Posted in EVE online

Yesterday the first account expired. This was one of my miners who used a Skiff. With this miner gone, I still have 4 more miners of which 2 use Skiffs and 2 others use Procurers.

But the next 2 accounts are about to expire already as well. An other miner with a Skiff is about to expire in 3 days and my freighter pilot will expire in 5 days. Till that time I'll keep mining ores (with 3 screens on 2 monitors) and work with Blender on my upcoming game.

Why mine ores when you're about to quite playing I hear you think? Well, I might come back and I did purchase 3 full Orca blueprint sets. One Orca is in the making right now, and I'm busy on the components for the next one. I hope that before my main character expires (December 31rd) I've been able to make all 3 Orcas I have the blueprints for.

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B12 treatment - the good and the bad
04 December 2014
Posted in About me
It's been about 10 weeks now that I'm on the B12 injections to treat the severe shortage of B12 I have. I think now is the time to evaluate what it has brought me...

Lets start with the heart cramps I've had the Sunday after the first injection. I still think it's a direct result of an overload of B12 in my system that my heart responded to. After all, a B12 shortage causes fatigue and pain in the muscles and the heart is a muscle as well. Though it's clear by now that my heart is 100% okay, I still think that the cholesterol medication (which also causes muscle pain and craps) might be the cause of my heart cramping once in a while the last 2 months. Now that I'm off that cholesterol medication my heart hasn't cramped any more either. That while I've already walked for 2 hours straight two days ago...

Then the headaches and pain in my eye. Both are symptoms I've had for a couple of years already, but the pain in my left eye is the oldest one. Well, I can tell that both are mostly gone now, which means that I can live a rather 'normal' live. Normal is quoted because I do have ADD and Asperger Syndrome, and that's not something that can be cured in anyway AND the 'old way of life' is 'normal' to me (probably not to you )

An other symptom (which I realized after having read about B12 shortages) is the constant buzzing in my ears. This is still there, and when I listen to music it fades to the background. Oddly enough, the buzzing is there when I'm listening to music (or anything else) and not using earphones. This buzzing is something that I've had for decades already (first sign of B12 shortage?) and I wonder if this will ever fade or become less intensive...

I already mentioned that I'm off of the cholesterol medication. An other result of it is that the constant fatigue and cramping pain in my legs is almost gone as well. As I said above, I think that the cholesterol medication kept that kind of stuff 'in place' and now that I'm no longer using it, the healing of that symptom can start. I do have to say though that after that 2 hour walk I did last Tuesday the fatigue and cramp came back a bit but faded later that day as well.

Something that I've never mentioned is the pain and odd tinkling in my feet. That's been there for almost a decade as well. I loved how my wife gave me foot massages in the past, but at one point (2007 for sure) it became painful and ever since she couldn't touch my feet any more Well, the pain and tinkling is still there most of the day and mostly after I've been physically busy. But at the end of the day it's at a very low point and I hope that this will leave sooner or later as well.

In all, I think that the B12 treatment is doing me a lot of good. Though while thinking back of the symptoms I've had which are now gone, I certainly have had the shortage way too long. I just hope that none of the symptoms have done permanent damage to my body, brain and nerve system, but I do fear a bit that I actually did do some damage.
On the positive side of doing so well right now, I've already spoke with the company nurse (yeah, we have one ) and we agreed that I'd start next week with my small route on the Wednesday and Friday and see how things will go from there one. She specifically forbid me to get into industrial areas (which is my big route) for now, in case I'd get an attack and lie there for hours before someone finds me..

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Scan okay, but...
29 November 2014
Posted in About me
Last Thursday I went to the cardiologist for the results of the nuclear scan 2 weeks ago. The scan didn't show anything odd. My heart gets enough oxygen, the pumping function is okay and the valves are okay as well. This means that (once again) I'm 100% healthy, but I do experience pressure on the chest when I'm physically active...

The cardiologist has no clue either. She also opted that the pressure of the chest might becoming from my stomach, but that's not the case - no problems there at all. Since the nitro spray does give some relieve to the pressure, she decided to give me it in a pill form that'll work all day. Of course, I do need to keep the spray with me at all times in case I'll get the pressure on my chest again.
An other good thing of the cardiologist is that because she's stuck with my case, she's asking a colleague to take a (fresh) look at my case for something she might have missed.

I also mentioned that the cramping muscle ache and fatigue in my legs is starting to get worse. It's the same pain and fatigue I had when my B12 was short, and my own doctor said that it should not get worse and might be a side effect of the cholesterol medication I'm getting. The cardiologist thinks the same and I don't have to take those meds any more.

In the mean time I'm stuck with a severe headache (that's why I didn't post this earlier) because of the new nitro meds I'm taking. This headache should be there only the first couple of days and I hope it indeed will fade early next week. I've had already more than enough headaches the last couple of years and I was more than happy that the last weeks the headaches were gone thanks to the B12 injections...

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