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RaiderZ (alpha test)
17 March 2012
Posted in MMORPGs
I was lucky enough to grab an Alpha key for RaiderZ on (258 keys left when writing this, so grab one while you can!).

RaiderZ (by PerfectWorld) seems to be yet an other 'action MMORPG' like TERA and C9, but is it? First impressions say YES and it's leaning more towards TERA than C9, since the world is open. Heck, even dungeons are open where you meet other players!

But first a warning: the system requirements...
 photo RaiderZsystemrequirements_zps38d5c775.jpeg
These (minimum) system requirements seems to be VERY demanding, and playing RaiderZ, I can say they are WRONG. I'm running it on my system (AMD X3 425 ~2.7Ghz 3core /w 8Gb & GTX460 SC) on MAXED settings and it runs smooth. I think the RaiderZ system requirements are much like those for TERA...

Then the game itself. It's beautiful! Though not as beautiful as TERA is, but it's very well done (certainly for a Free2Play title!), and the animations are good as well. Okay, I've seen better animations, but compared to TERA I think the animations are a lot better already
 photo Raiderz2012031715041195_zpsfb84b7e1.jpeg photo Raiderz2012031715184559_zpse6d52477.jpeg
Combat is much like TERA as well. No locked target (I have seen that you can lock target, but I think it's only to keep the target's health bar on screen) and you can dodge and block the target's blows. And the dodge seems to be an addition over TERA (or I haven't found out how to dodge in TERA other than to walk away). And trust me, YOU WILL DODGE A LOT in RaiderZ. Some enemies charge a lot (warthogs for example) that you really need to dodge or they'll trample over you

Skills, an other nice thing to show and really differ from TERA.
 photo Raiderz2012031715400801skilltree_zpscb1249ba.jpeg
Where in TERA you can buy all skills you want (if you got the money that is), in RaiderZ you get 1 skillpoint per level (I'm 6 now, not sure if the amount of skillpoints per level will increase in the future). Up to level 5 you're kinda forced to get your 4 basic skills, but when you're to start on the 2nd row of your skill-tree, you get some freedom in the skill-building. You can either acquire new skills, or make skills you already had stronger. This will allow you to customize your character the way you want, and in the end will make HUGE differences between 2 characters of the same class (though I'm sure there will be cookie-cutter builds some players will follow).

There is a down-side on RaiderZ though. So far, most quests are the standard Kill <X> of <Y>. And if that's not enough, the locations are marked on your map and I haven't been able to kill this feature. At least this PerfectWorld title does not have auto-walk *HALELUYA*

So far I can say that I'm more impressed by RaiderZ than I was by TERA (and I was already very impressed by TERA ). And though this is still alpha (and there is lots of Korean still left in the game), I think I might play it on a regular basis. That is, if PerfectWorld doesn't make the cash shop a Pay2Win one, as they've done with all their games so far...

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