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Naia players are raging
13 October 2011
Posted in Lineage II
There has been an update to the Play your way announcement of NC West's Lineage II going for a hybrid payment system.

Q: What is Lineage?® II: Goddess of Destruction™?
A: Goddess of Destruction is the largest content update in the history of the Lineage II fantasy MMORPG. Now you can play Lineage II—with its deep story, rich gameplay, and diverse and intense PvP action—with a new hybrid business model that allows you to play your way.

Q: What does "hybrid business model" mean?
A: Goddess of Destruction will introduce a new business model that provides an order of magnitude of greater features for players compared to the current subscription model. The improvements will offer players the flexibility to enjoy Lineage II in a way that suits their play styles and budgets. We'll be able to share more details soon.

Q: I heard that Innova will be the new official service provider for Lineage II in Europe when Goddess of Destruction launches. What does that mean for me?
A: NCsoft West will continue to support Lineage II in all aspects of the business in North America and will retain existing European players. In order to preserve the active Lineage II community, we will be moving the physical location of the European server (Naia) to North America. Any new European players can choose to start new characters on either service.

Especially that last Q&A is making the players rage on Naia and started with Ykara.
Over the day, more and more players joined, and when I joined around 2pm there we were with 10 already.
And by now there are around 20 players there already making their protest in Aden against the physical relocation of Naia to the US.

Also on the official forums the players are raging towards NC West at the moment. Mostly in 2 threads (here and here).

It looks like NCSoft (I bet Korea had a hand in this deal and just shoved it to NC West) made a bad deal here, not keeping an eye on the European player base and it's consequences. From the looks of it, half the player base is already certain to move to the new servers, and the other half will follow when Naia becomes a ghost town the following months...

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